Far East Movement and BROMANCE

I'm back. (: Senior year has been very busy! College applications, essays, SAT/ACT, AP/Honors classes. OMG, I can't even imagine how college will be like haha. Time goes by so fast. I still can't believe that I'm going off to college in 8 months. :O

Anyways, Far East Movement just came out with a new album last month, Free Wired.

I love it! If you love fist pumping music then you should definitely buy this album. ;) Click here to listen to their hit single, "Like A G6".

I love Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, AND Jay Park (: This is the behind the scenes/bloopers of their video BROMANCE. Enjoy!:

Watch original here.


The Start of Senior Year.

So I'm in my third week of my senior year. The classes I am taking this semester include: Sociology, Physics Honors, AP Government and Politics, Algebra II. Next Semester: English IV Honors, Art IV Honors, Advanced Functions, and Spanish III Honors.
I like the classes I am currently taking but Physics. I honestly thought I would like/enjoy this class because I like science. It's actually really boring! I can't stand it. :(
Senior year is pretty fantastic I guess.(: The only thing I don't like is the tons of homework that I have to do every night until 11 p.m. haha. I'm also pretty stoked about sending in applications to universities that I am interested in. It's just so unbelievable that I only have ten months until I am on my own!

I know I have been slacking on updating my blog lately but will try my best to update as much as I can!

p.s. Doesn't this look so awesome?

It looks like the Japanese flag. :D


I Love the Way You Lie

School starts on the 25th! It's my senior year so I'm pretty excited but then I'm not. I still have to finish my English 4 honors summer project and I am no where near finished haha! I have to read Beowulf, the verse version. >_<
July 28th was my birthday! I'm finally 17 hahaha. I didn't really do much. I had mentor training that day for 7 hours. =/ But I did spend the rest of the evening with my best friends.
I can't believe this summer is almost over...bummer. I had fun though! (:

These are some of the videos from that one night we had a cake fight lol:

I have to admit, I have crazy friends lol. =P



Run Devil Run.

Ahhhh it's been so long! I know I have been M.I.A but I've been very busy. >_<
These pics are from my friend Sung's last night in the USA and one of my best friends, Laisa's Sweet 16 =]

These are just only a few of the pictures that were taken those nights haha:



I Love Long Summer Days

Its been awhile since my last post. >_< I've been doing a lot lately! I've been at the beach and spending time with my friend Sung. He's going back to Germany in a few days...=(. So we're trying to do so much in a short amount of time! haha.

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Sung, my friend Laisa and her boyfriend Andrew. it was full of laughs lol =P

We went to an arcade and we just had to play Tokyo Drift haha!
(It's our favorite movie)

He actually made it!

Of course, they had to grab the pink ones. ;)

He rode around the store and got in trouble for it LOL!

Sung fell asleep at Starbucks haha!

I stayed the night at Laisa's house and we were obviously bored. =P

p.s. Videos from walmart will be posted soon! lol.



Sunshine Girl

Listening to: Animal-Neon Trees →

The dance recital was amazing! We all did such a great job. =)
I will post videos as soon as I get the DVD. I have no idea when that will be though haha.

I made this tie-dye shirt the other day in art:

This was my first one so it's not the greatest. =P The spiral washed out but I still like the colors! I made matching socks too. :)
Peacock necklace- Forever21

Today I got my braces. >_< I'm getting them now because my last baby tooth didn't fall out until last year. I only need them for a year though. They're a pearl green. I'll post pictures eventually...haha.

p.s. I love this song and video; it's so cute! Yuka is so pretty.




Today was my dress rehearsal and it was insane. We were all running around backstage and trying to find our places. When ever there was a little error we had to start the dance all over. Ugh. It started at 5:00pm and I didn't get home until almost 11:00pm. >_< I am super exhausted.
But everything was worth it. My team got a lot of compliments on our Never Say Never routine! :D
The finale routine was pretty good too. (:
Can't wait for the actual recital tomorrow!
I absolutely love contemporary dance and I really want to continue with it.

Here are a a few of my favorite contemporary routines from So You Think You Can Dance:


"The Hummingbird and Flower"

"Tore My Heart"

There are more amazing routines but these three are my favorite. :)
I'm really excited about season 7. Hopefully it will be as good as the previous seasons!


Never Say Never

Listening to: Never Say Never, The Fray (My dance recital song)

Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days! I've been pretty busy. =/
My weekend:
On Saturday I took the SAT for the first time. It was the longest six hours of my life. >_<
The I went to White Lake on Sunday and spent the whole day there. It was fun. :)
I had Kelly entertain me while we were on our way back home:

She's so adorable! :D She adores the silly bandz. (They're a trend here now; for all ages haha.) She kept calling herself a "Chicken Banana" lol whatever that is! =P

This is my last week of school. Finished all of my exams finally!
I got a 4/4 on my U.S. History honors exam
94 on my Spanish 2
97 on my Art 3 honors ;)

Today was my last day of dance. =(
Recital is this Saturday at the Crown Coliseum. It's huge(ish) but I am excited!

You can never say never :)


John Frieda Review :)

I took my Spanish exam; It was very difficult! I think I made no higher than a B. =/. It was probably the most hardest exam I have taken yet. Art III honors exam is tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite necklaces I own:

Baby turtle coming out of it's egg! =] My dad bought it for me over a year ago when we went to Bald Head Island. It's so cute. :)

It's about time for a review. ;) This is my first review guys! haha.
The Frizz-Ease by the John Frieda Collection:

Today was my first time using it and I love it! My hair was not frizzy and my hair was straighter than ever believe it or not. My hair is naturally thick, heavy and straight but I use the flat iron to make it more sleek and light and this product helps it out a lot. I had put some in my hair before I straightened it. I have used other frizz-ease products but this one has to be one of the best.




Today I took my U.S. History Honors exam. I'm hoping I did good. It seemed pretty easy. ;) I was aiming for a 4/4 but we'll see! My instructor got the results after school so I'll drop by tomorrow to see if I made that 4!

I'm taking my Spanish II exam tomorrow. Easy class but I heard the exam was hard... and 250 questions long. Ugh. =/ Wish me luck!

I was browsing CCT-fashion and fell in love with this entire outfit:

It is so lovely. :)
The dress is $9.90/¥924


Let's Dance To This Song

Today was a very tiring day.
Left early today to run errands, then we grilled out, I went over a friends house, ate sushi with the bestie and friends and I listened to their drama haha, watched Shrek Forever with the bestie, then watched a fight in the parking lot lol.
What a day... ;)

Tomorrow my family and I are going to the beach. ♥
For a day, I get escape the drama haha!

So, this song is stuck in my head! But I love it! It makes me want to dance every time I hear it. =P

Btw, I love Wong Fu Productions!


Caribbean Bay

I love this song and the music video. :)

My friend Sung told me that he used to go to that water park when he was younger.
There's one in Texas I used to go to that sort of looked like this one.
I miss it. =(

p.s. I might be going to Texas this summer! :D I'm stoked haha.


Rain Drops Falling On My Head

We are having rainy weather all week.

Yesterday when I was cleaning the windows, I found two new friends:

We have many lizards in our greenhouse but I have never seen that type of butterfly before. It's pretty. :)

We also have a lot of tiny green frogs around but we only see them during the night.
They're cute!


Strawberry Fuzz

I received my dance medal last night. =)
I was stoked.
Recital= June 12th!

My family is growing a lot of fruit and vegetables and these are some really cute strawberries we picked in our garden. O(^u^)O

They are pretty tasty for such small strawberries! ;)


Letters To Juliet

I apologize for not updating my blog! Exams are coming up in a few weeks so I have been preparing for those. Plus I'm also lazy. =/ (slacker!)

So my business online class has finally ended. 100% on my final but my overall grade was a B =(. I'm so done with online classes. At least there is no more first period for me! ;)
The three exams I have to take soon are: U.S. history honors, Spanish II and Art III honors.

I really need to make a 4/4 on my U.S. history honors exam.
Spanish is easy so I'm not too worried about that one.
My art exam is going to deal with a lot of history but I'm ready!
Also, I'm taking the SAT June 5th. I'm a little nervous about it. D:
Math is no my best subject so I am worried about that section.

Friday I went to go see Letters To Juliet.

It was really cute and lovely! The setting was in Italy; very beautiful. I really liked it. :)


Prom Pictures!

Prom went pretty well! The theme was Vegas haha.
The blue/green dress Daybelis had was actually the first dress I tried on and I was seriously going to buy it but then I saw my dress and bought it instead.
We would have had the same dress haha!
Here are a few pictures. I refuse to post the other ones. ;P

Me and Daybelis with our dorky dates lol. My date was just a friend =P

Me, Sung, and Autumn. Her dress is so cool!

Zack, Sung, Daybelis, Me, and Robert. We're dorks. =P Robert had to be in the picture (he was the one we taped up for our sculpture lol)

Of course there was drama and drinking at prom but I stayed away from that mess. ;)
I had my own distractions ;)



Prom is tonight! I'm pretty excited. :)
The dress:

Around 5:50ish, taking pictures.
6:15, going out to eat with my bestie and our dates.
8:00, prom starts! :D

I'll post the pictures up in my next post. ;)
Hopefully it will be a good night.


Packing Tape Sculpture

In my art honors class we had to make a sculpture completely out of clear packing tape.
Me and my group created this :) :

The entire body is my guy friend lol.
It took a whole week to wrap up every body part and put it all together.
We used my legs for the wings and just covered them with feathered shaped paper. ;P
It was so awkward to have tape wrapped around my legs o.O
(I felt bad for my friend who had to use his whole body)
The mohawk represents are school colors.
This was one of my favorite projects. So surreal!

p.s. Putting the body up on the railing was a pain in the butt! We used so much yarn. >_<


Finding My Road

It's been very hot and humid for the past two days. I've been walking around with a fuzz ball on my head =/
So I just completed three of quizzes in my Intro to Business class and got all 100%! :D
All I have to do now is take the final test and write a 500 word essay then I'm officially done with this class. No more first period. ;)

I just started watching a Japanese drama called Bloody Monday.

I'm currently on episode three, season one and I'm already addicted lol >_<
It's so good! It's exciting and suspense.
Season two just came out not too long ago actually.

The leading role is played by Haruma Miura.
He's a really good actor and adorable. ^^

He's one of my favorite actors. ;]


Silly Bandz?!

Elephant and Tuocan. Someone told that was a flamingo but the beak looks more like a tuocans to me.
One of my friends gave me these cool bracelets called Silly Bandz
Once you take them off they always go back to the original shape. (Once you untwisted them)

These are some other ones from their website. =)

The Western ones are my favorites. ;]


Procrastination Shall Not Prevail.

I really need to clean his tank ASAP!
Poor guy...
Lately I have been very lazy and procrastinating.
Starting today, this will stop. :)