Packing Tape Sculpture

In my art honors class we had to make a sculpture completely out of clear packing tape.
Me and my group created this :) :

The entire body is my guy friend lol.
It took a whole week to wrap up every body part and put it all together.
We used my legs for the wings and just covered them with feathered shaped paper. ;P
It was so awkward to have tape wrapped around my legs o.O
(I felt bad for my friend who had to use his whole body)
The mohawk represents are school colors.
This was one of my favorite projects. So surreal!

p.s. Putting the body up on the railing was a pain in the butt! We used so much yarn. >_<


missy pig said...

wow thats so cool. i despised 3d class..and i still do >>

sesshoumaru10 said...


projectvee said...

that's really cool!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

That is so awesome and creative! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Cool, artsy students, and their ability to make cool things. :(