Prom Pictures!

Prom went pretty well! The theme was Vegas haha.
The blue/green dress Daybelis had was actually the first dress I tried on and I was seriously going to buy it but then I saw my dress and bought it instead.
We would have had the same dress haha!
Here are a few pictures. I refuse to post the other ones. ;P

Me and Daybelis with our dorky dates lol. My date was just a friend =P

Me, Sung, and Autumn. Her dress is so cool!

Zack, Sung, Daybelis, Me, and Robert. We're dorks. =P Robert had to be in the picture (he was the one we taped up for our sculpture lol)

Of course there was drama and drinking at prom but I stayed away from that mess. ;)
I had my own distractions ;)


Anonymous said...

Proms always turn out to be the highlight of the year. :)

projectvee said...

looks like fun!

Fannadix said...

Omg. I remember my prom is was so exciting. No drinking here either!

Your dress is cute :)

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

wow, you look gorgeous in those pictures. XD, I'm so jealous.