Finding My Road

It's been very hot and humid for the past two days. I've been walking around with a fuzz ball on my head =/
So I just completed three of quizzes in my Intro to Business class and got all 100%! :D
All I have to do now is take the final test and write a 500 word essay then I'm officially done with this class. No more first period. ;)

I just started watching a Japanese drama called Bloody Monday.

I'm currently on episode three, season one and I'm already addicted lol >_<
It's so good! It's exciting and suspense.
Season two just came out not too long ago actually.

The leading role is played by Haruma Miura.
He's a really good actor and adorable. ^^

He's one of my favorite actors. ;]

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projectvee said...

congrats, haha
i don't usually watch japanese dramas, but he looks pretty cute :)