Today was my dress rehearsal and it was insane. We were all running around backstage and trying to find our places. When ever there was a little error we had to start the dance all over. Ugh. It started at 5:00pm and I didn't get home until almost 11:00pm. >_< I am super exhausted.
But everything was worth it. My team got a lot of compliments on our Never Say Never routine! :D
The finale routine was pretty good too. (:
Can't wait for the actual recital tomorrow!
I absolutely love contemporary dance and I really want to continue with it.

Here are a a few of my favorite contemporary routines from So You Think You Can Dance:


"The Hummingbird and Flower"

"Tore My Heart"

There are more amazing routines but these three are my favorite. :)
I'm really excited about season 7. Hopefully it will be as good as the previous seasons!


ipehishere said...

yay soo u think u can dance ? hehe
i love watch this too.! :)

Ken said...

wat are u mixed with btw?!

Ken said...

wow, i thought u had some asian in u~
that is so cool!

polkagris said...

nice blog..

i dont understand everything but still.. :)

(the reason is because im not so good at english)