So I skipped school yesterday...
I was really tired, I mean really tired. =/
I also had to register for the SAT that I will be taking June 5th.
AND I had to write an essay for my business class.
Which I didn't do so well on writing it. I deserve the failing grade that I will recieve. :(

A few months ago I watched a Japanese drama which I thought was really adorable. :D

It's called My Girl with Aiba Masaki from Arashi.
I enjoyed it. ;)
You guys should check it out! o(^u^)o


100% in Management

I just took three quizes for my Introduction to Business class and I got two 100% and one 90% \(^____^)/
I am so proud of myself :D
I am taking the Part III test tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I am going to ace it ;)
I still have to write a short essay on forecasting though, which is due on Monday...
I'm ready to be done with this section!

I really like this blouse by the way:

For some reason I am really attracted to the colour purple. ;P


Ren Guang Xi

I had no clue that Ren Guang Xi was Vanness Wu O.o. I thought he looked kind of familiar...
I used to listen to his songs but it's been awhile so I wanted to see if he had any recent songs. A few months ago he released his new Japanese album, 'Reflections'.

I listened to a few of the songs on that album and I really like them!
-Stuck on u
-Purple Rain
-I don't wanna lose you
are the songs that I heard so far. I also watched the 'Reason' music video.

You guys should try listening to them. :)



So my new glasses came in today. :) They're by Rampage and I love them! The case that came with them is also nice o(^u^)o

I have a bag by Rampage but it's old and breaking on me -.-


Elle Girl

The Elle Magazine April cover girl is Taylor Swift. To be honest, these cover shoots of her doesn't really look like her besides the first one...I like her better with curley hair :).

I don't really care for her music but she's a pretty girl =). Elle is my favorite fashion magazine at the moment but i don't think I am going to buy this issue.


Blue or Cherry Pink?

I found this really cute dress from the I'musa collection and I fell in love ♥ lol.
But I don't know which color I like best >_< blue or cherry pink??

It's a perfect dress for summer and I'm thinking about getting it!
I'm thinking the cherry pink is more summery and the blue is too dark?
What do you think?

(I'm in my Intro to Business online class and I'm suppose to do my work haha =P but it's too boring!)


HK and J-men street fashion

So my obsession with Hello Kitty is coming back lol ^_^;; I mean she's adorable right?
I was looking at some older pictures of a jrocker on his blog. The Japanese have great style in my opinion ;)

His ripped jeans and belts are my favorite but overall, very nice outfits :D
In these photos: Reno: lead guitarist of ViViD.


Ode to O'keefe

So in my art honors class we have to paint this week :D (I love painting). Although, I am rushing through it >_<. and I am afraid that it is not going to be my best work...The subject is enlarged flower like Georgia O'keefe's work.
Here's an example:

The project is due Friday and i am nowhere near done haha ^u^;; I'll take a picture of it when it's completed! Last night I made Royal Milk Tea :) It was really good for my first time making it! All I did was mix milk, honey, cinnamon and added green tea herbs. Then I put it in the microwave for a minute and just let it cool and settle for a few minutes ;P. But it makes you sleepy after you drink it lol so it's best to drink it before you go to bed.
Well I have to go study for u.s. history honors =/
I'll update soon!
Hugs & Kisses,


A new start.

Hello world \(^u^)/
This is my very first blog and I am pretty excited about it!
I want to express myself and share my thoughts and ideas with the world ;D
I'll keep updating when I can!

Hugs & Kisses,