I Love Long Summer Days

Its been awhile since my last post. >_< I've been doing a lot lately! I've been at the beach and spending time with my friend Sung. He's going back to Germany in a few days...=(. So we're trying to do so much in a short amount of time! haha.

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Sung, my friend Laisa and her boyfriend Andrew. it was full of laughs lol =P

We went to an arcade and we just had to play Tokyo Drift haha!
(It's our favorite movie)

He actually made it!

Of course, they had to grab the pink ones. ;)

He rode around the store and got in trouble for it LOL!

Sung fell asleep at Starbucks haha!

I stayed the night at Laisa's house and we were obviously bored. =P

p.s. Videos from walmart will be posted soon! lol.



Sunshine Girl

Listening to: Animal-Neon Trees →

The dance recital was amazing! We all did such a great job. =)
I will post videos as soon as I get the DVD. I have no idea when that will be though haha.

I made this tie-dye shirt the other day in art:

This was my first one so it's not the greatest. =P The spiral washed out but I still like the colors! I made matching socks too. :)
Peacock necklace- Forever21

Today I got my braces. >_< I'm getting them now because my last baby tooth didn't fall out until last year. I only need them for a year though. They're a pearl green. I'll post pictures eventually...haha.

p.s. I love this song and video; it's so cute! Yuka is so pretty.




Today was my dress rehearsal and it was insane. We were all running around backstage and trying to find our places. When ever there was a little error we had to start the dance all over. Ugh. It started at 5:00pm and I didn't get home until almost 11:00pm. >_< I am super exhausted.
But everything was worth it. My team got a lot of compliments on our Never Say Never routine! :D
The finale routine was pretty good too. (:
Can't wait for the actual recital tomorrow!
I absolutely love contemporary dance and I really want to continue with it.

Here are a a few of my favorite contemporary routines from So You Think You Can Dance:


"The Hummingbird and Flower"

"Tore My Heart"

There are more amazing routines but these three are my favorite. :)
I'm really excited about season 7. Hopefully it will be as good as the previous seasons!


Never Say Never

Listening to: Never Say Never, The Fray (My dance recital song)

Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days! I've been pretty busy. =/
My weekend:
On Saturday I took the SAT for the first time. It was the longest six hours of my life. >_<
The I went to White Lake on Sunday and spent the whole day there. It was fun. :)
I had Kelly entertain me while we were on our way back home:

She's so adorable! :D She adores the silly bandz. (They're a trend here now; for all ages haha.) She kept calling herself a "Chicken Banana" lol whatever that is! =P

This is my last week of school. Finished all of my exams finally!
I got a 4/4 on my U.S. History honors exam
94 on my Spanish 2
97 on my Art 3 honors ;)

Today was my last day of dance. =(
Recital is this Saturday at the Crown Coliseum. It's huge(ish) but I am excited!

You can never say never :)


John Frieda Review :)

I took my Spanish exam; It was very difficult! I think I made no higher than a B. =/. It was probably the most hardest exam I have taken yet. Art III honors exam is tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite necklaces I own:

Baby turtle coming out of it's egg! =] My dad bought it for me over a year ago when we went to Bald Head Island. It's so cute. :)

It's about time for a review. ;) This is my first review guys! haha.
The Frizz-Ease by the John Frieda Collection:

Today was my first time using it and I love it! My hair was not frizzy and my hair was straighter than ever believe it or not. My hair is naturally thick, heavy and straight but I use the flat iron to make it more sleek and light and this product helps it out a lot. I had put some in my hair before I straightened it. I have used other frizz-ease products but this one has to be one of the best.




Today I took my U.S. History Honors exam. I'm hoping I did good. It seemed pretty easy. ;) I was aiming for a 4/4 but we'll see! My instructor got the results after school so I'll drop by tomorrow to see if I made that 4!

I'm taking my Spanish II exam tomorrow. Easy class but I heard the exam was hard... and 250 questions long. Ugh. =/ Wish me luck!

I was browsing CCT-fashion and fell in love with this entire outfit:

It is so lovely. :)
The dress is $9.90/¥924