Far East Movement and BROMANCE

I'm back. (: Senior year has been very busy! College applications, essays, SAT/ACT, AP/Honors classes. OMG, I can't even imagine how college will be like haha. Time goes by so fast. I still can't believe that I'm going off to college in 8 months. :O

Anyways, Far East Movement just came out with a new album last month, Free Wired.

I love it! If you love fist pumping music then you should definitely buy this album. ;) Click here to listen to their hit single, "Like A G6".

I love Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, AND Jay Park (: This is the behind the scenes/bloopers of their video BROMANCE. Enjoy!:

Watch original here.


missy pig said...

its so great to see jay & wongfu & ryan working together!!

i not a fan of that song but i was happy when I heard Like a G6 on the radio ASIAN PRIDE.

Toni Tralala said...

Like a G6, like a G6! :)) They are awesome! :) It's rare for Asian people to have exposure in this business so I'm happy for the Far East Movement. :D

The Little Dust Princess said...

I love watching Wong Fu & Nigahiga videos! And the songs Far East Movement make are soo catchy!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Temi said...

I love their song Like A G6, it's my senior year too! I'm so excited now it's 2011 it's finally becoming real that I'll be in college in 8 months!!

What up G. said...

naw I love ryan higa, he's so hilarious :)