Its been awhile, guys.

Its been so long since I've blogged on here! I've honestly missed it! I really would like to start keeping up with this for now on (we'll see how that goes, ha). I had the greatest followers on here and it's sad to see some of them gone :'( I just read my older posts and comments... It's amazing how fast time flies! I was in my junior & senior years of high school in my older posts and now I'm finishing up my second year of college. Woahhh nelly!

I hope everyone is during well and I've missed you all!



~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw come back soon. We missed you

박진아 said...

Hi Alexis! I'm still around! hehe I actually took 1.5 years off and just came back yesterday to blogging... and yeah, totally feeling you, the last few posts I had written were of me all excited leaving for college... after my freshman year + taking a year off + transferring schools + sophmore year of college lolll man, time indeed does fly... keep it up! Blogging is definitely a gem but it is very time consuming.