Dress Code Violation?!

Today was very gloomy and long.
The weather was...sad looking. =(
At school today, I was sent to the office because of "dress code violation".
Apparently my skirt was too short :

There's a lot of other gals that wear shorter stuff!
Even my friends wear shorter skirts...
But being my polite, calm self I didn't complain.
So now I can't wear skirts anymore. =/

Only one more year left of high school.

I even left my lip balm at home! My poor lips. D:


Sh-Sh-Sh-Shaira! said...

OMG! that probably sucked bish(yes, bish) What kind of school do you go to? And what did they make you do?
Only once where the supervisor told me my skirt was too short and i felt a stupid lecture coming and so i lied and was like "yes im wearing shorts" because i know she won't let me flip up my skirt just to prove i was wearing shorts, i was smart? But i still think it was risky.
The girls in my school wear too much makeup plus revealing clothes like half their bewbs and you could see their really upper thighs with their skirts. Like imagine shortie short shorts but no croth sewed in. Does your school allow short shorts?

Sh-Sh-Sh-Shaira! said...

oops, i mean no crotch sewed in*

LexiTokyo said...

I go to a lame public school >_<
They don't allow short shorts
but people wear them anyways and most don't get in trouble!
They just picked on me I guess...

jozen said...

awe! I dont think your skirt is short at all!

i hate when i leave my lipbalm at home too. i actually go and buy another one cuz i can't stand it!