So I skipped school yesterday...
I was really tired, I mean really tired. =/
I also had to register for the SAT that I will be taking June 5th.
AND I had to write an essay for my business class.
Which I didn't do so well on writing it. I deserve the failing grade that I will recieve. :(

A few months ago I watched a Japanese drama which I thought was really adorable. :D

It's called My Girl with Aiba Masaki from Arashi.
I enjoyed it. ;)
You guys should check it out! o(^u^)o


Anonymous said...

You never know. Every time I come out of a test thinking I did exceptionally bad, I end up getting a surprisingly, good mark. :P Keep your hopes up high, Lexi.

missy pig said...

oh!! i loved tat drama. and masaki was cute in it xD